Saturday, September 5, 2009

Home Depot kids' workshops

My son went to his first Home Depot kids' workshop this morning and came back as happy as can be. See what he got and made?

He got the certificate, apron, pin, beanbags, all the wood to make the project, as well as a sticker to decorate it once he paints it (at home). Here's a better look at the apron and pin (the pin might still be hard to see, but it's neat!):

He was done with the project in just 45 minutes, so it doesn't take all morning like the posted hours suggest. (That's a good thing!) He got to use a real hammer, nails and glue. He reported that the hammers are just the right size. They're real, but "not heavy like Daddy's". :)

Since I was expecting it to take all morning, we went ahead and let him paint the beanbag game this morning. He chose Home Depot orange. Surprise, surprise!

He and my daughter are already enjoying playing with the game.

Next week we'll try out Lowe's kids' workshop!


Susan said...

He's so cute! :) You can tell he's proud of himself for making something all on his own. I like his description of the hammer. I had one like that once (just the right size and not heavy like Daddy's) and 2 little boys I know took it outside to whack at things and broke it! ;)