Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lowe's Build and Grow workshops

My son went to his first workshop at Lowe's this morning, and he was thrilled with it, too! If you'll pardon the goofy expressions on his face, I'll share a few pictures of the project. [If you have boys, you'll recognize this stage: see how many goofy faces you can make before Mom pushes the shutter button on the camera. Please tell me they grow out of this!]

He got: goggles, an apron (with a clear pocket to hold a nametag), the project (a drum and drumstick), project instructions, a certificate of completion, and a sew-on badge for his apron. Again, that's pretty generous for being free!

He was especially excited that he got to bring home the goggles. Of course, he's supposed to remember to bring them back in the next time, but I'm sure they'll have more if he forgets.

Here you can get a better picture of his apron. It's quite nice! I'm debating how best to sew the patches onto it. And speaking of patches, here is the one he got today:

I think I'm going to start by sewing them onto the pockets. I measured it all out and decided I probably have room to sew about two years' worth of patches onto the apron, if I "plaster" them on there pretty close. :) That should be sufficient for awhile!

He really enjoyed the workshop. My husband took him and said that he's already getting better with a hammer and nails. Last week, my husband had to set the nails. This week, my son did it all himself. Not bad for an almost-six-year-old!

So the verdict is in: the kids' workshops are a success, and we'll be attending them as often as possible. It's great for homeschooling, too, since I can count that as our art class for the week ... and I don't even have to deal with a mess! [I love to craft, but I don't necessarily love the mess of crafting with kids.]