Monday, September 21, 2009

More details on those invitation kits!

You knew I wouldn't be able to resist showing you these awesome invitations, right? They were an even better deal than I had originally thought!

Check out this first set:

It's designed like a diploma holder, with space on the lefthand side for a picture. That "Class of 2009" is easy enough to cover with a decoration that includes a new graduation year!

Notice, too, that the "Thank You" notes do NOT have a year printed on them. Maybe I should save those thank you notes for my nieces and nephews that will be graduating in the next few years??

I won't personally need graduation invitations any time soon, but they would make neat graduation cards, too.

As for those seals, they say nothing about graduation. I can use them on my Christmas cards since they just have the year on them. :)

I really love the "cases" on these! They are designed so that you print the insert card and then place it into the black case. It only opens at the top, and it looks so elegant! Currently there is a graduation cap die cut into the front flap. I'm going to try to figure out a way to cut another design into it, one that will be larger and thus "get rid" of the mortarboard. I'll experiment and let you know what works!

This set is so neat! It's designed to look like a mortarboard from the front. You lift up the top flap and the insert card just lays in there. This will be another easy-to-alter design! I found it online for $25.99. I couldn't find the other styles, but that's probably because they're sold out. I would guess they were all originally around the $25 mark.

For the envelopes alone, $0.25 a box was a great price! Now I get to play around with the invitations themselves and see what I can do with them. That's just an extra bonus. :)


Esther said...

My, my, my --- Miss Frugal found another GREAT deal! I declare you have a magnet for deals somewhere inside of you! At any rate -- I love black and white things so I'll be interested to see how you alter these!

Sophia said...

Somehow I manage to be "in the right place at the right time" quite often. I haven't set foot inside this store for months, maybe all year. But it is the time of year for deals, so I shouldn't be too surprised. :)