Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Personalized notecards and an inexpensive gift bag

I made a set of notecards for the lady that watched our children on Monday while my husband and I went out alone for a few hours. These were so easy, but I really liked them. Sometimes simplicity is the most attractive thing, you know?

NOTE: I did have her last name on the original cards, but I "whited it out" post-production for privacy reasons. :)

This first card was a free PhotoShop brush that I printed out and colored with my BIC markers. I used my Creative Memories corner rounder, mounted it onto pink cardstock, and it was done. Easy!

The second and third ones were even easier! This second one turned out looking a tad bit "spooky" because orange and black traditionally go with Halloween. That was not my intention at all. I wanted to mimic an orange sunset. Hopefully she'll see the sunset! :) This was also a free PhotoShop brush.

Can you tell I'm enjoying the silhouette effect? This is another free PhotoShop brush from the same collection as the orange card. I just printed this one onto yellow paper. It doesn't get any easier than this!

So how did I present a gift of 12 notecards? It was a little too big for most of the packaging ideas I have for notecards, so I decided to put them into a small gift bag.

I just used a pink lunch bag (12/pack from the dollar store, but I got mine for $0.25/pack at the thrift store!) and stapled a dollar store paper doily (25/pack) over the top. I really liked the effect, and this was as easy as the notecards. :)


Esther said...

I get in the mood for simple sometimes too. It has a beauty all it's own.

Pamela said...

I was searching for inexpensive note cards for a post I'm writing and this post came up. I agree with you...simple always tops my list.

Pamela said...

Oh...and what a thoughtful gift. I think those around you must stay encouraged with your sweet gifting.