Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some creative uses for Labels 8 or Top Note dies

While I'm waiting for my first set of Nestabilities (Labels 8, like the Top Note die) to arrive, I've been trying to find all the cute ideas I've seen with them over the past year or so. I'm sure I haven't gotten them all, but I'm pleased with the ideas I did get.

Obviously, there are a million and one cards you can create with a die. So I'll share some of the neatest, most creative uses. I figured if I posted them to my blog, the ideas would be easier to find when I want them. :) If you run across any other great ideas using this particular set of Nesties, please let me know!

  • Technostamper has some done creative cutting with the Top Note die here. They're not all my style, but it certainly gives the dies some extra versatility! And I've also discovered that something may not look "my style" but may end up being perfect for someone I'm making a card for.
  • I love the idea of "splicing" two different papers onto the same die like bigsky has done here.
  • Then there are all kinds of ways to use just a part of the die like renaelindzey's card, scrappin beth's card, or Miss Boo's card.
  • They make really cute baskets (by croppixie), purses (by Nyny), wallets (by sleepyinseattle), mini dressers (by mariabilljp) and boxes (by alwaysstampin').
  • I love them as shaped cards like this one by scrappy k.
  • And let's not forget bag toppers like this owl-shaped one by YMetz.
  • Or how about the decorative cutout shape on a box like this one by LADYB266?
  • And here's a set of cute gift tags and box by aswalford.
  • And how about a decorated tissue box like this one by NIKI?
  • This card by jandjccc shows another pretty way of cutting the die cut.
Most of the projects have links to blogs where you can get full instructions, if you happen to like them.


Sue D said...

Thanks for this list. It gave me a lot of great ideas. I am waiting for my Top Note Die to arrive so was excited to see your post. I also ordered the bird die that aswalford used to make Christmas tags with the Top Note. I might use these as Christmas gifts.

Anonymous said...

Loved this post and have enjoyed your blog so much. You are a fine lady, I can tell just by browsing...haven't enjoyed a stumble on a blog so much in a long time. Makes me want to get back to blogging in lieu of facebook...almost!