Monday, October 12, 2009

Food Lion and Rite Aid deals today

Our company left around lunchtime, so I had a little bit of time to do some quick grocery shopping this afternoon. I did it all at Food Lion since they had the most outstanding deals this week. Here's what I got for about $25 (rounded to the nearest dollar, since I threw away my receipt!

  • 4 cartons Breyers ice cream - $1.99 each after sale and coupons
  • 4 lbs Smithfield kielbasa - $1.50 each on sale
  • 2 bottles (32 loads each) All detergent - $1.75 each after sale and coupons
  • 4 pkgs Old El Paso taco seasoning - $0.16 each after sale and coupons
  • 2 boxes Food Lion Raisin Bran (17 ozs), 2 boxes Food Lion Frosted Flakes (20 ozs) cereal - $0.99 each on sale
  • 2 pkgs (12 ozs each) Food Lion bacon - $1.49 each after sale and coupon
  • 2 lbs split chicken breast - $0.88/lb

Then I stopped at Rite Aid, which seems to be having another stock-up-for-cold-season week this year. I got all of this and netted a profit of a few cents shy of $10 (thanks to a $5/25 coupon, as well as a few coupons for the products shown). Not only that, but these "free after rebate" items took my total for the "Rake in the Savings" promotion to the level to earn a $20 gift certificate to Rite Aid. Not bad, considering the only things I bought at Rite Aid during this promotion were "free after rebate" items, 90%-off summer merchandise, and the one toy my daughter requested for her birthday! It's like getting my daughter's toy and all the clearanced summer merchandise for free. I can handle that! :)

I won't bother going into all the details of this, since they're all "free after rebate" items. I got all of the freebies for this week, except the Chloraseptic Allergen-block (which I couldn't find and didn't really need anyway). I was especially surprised that the Carmex 3-pack was a freebie. I love that stuff - it works so well! When I used to have to buy "chap-stick", that was the exact item I always bought.

We also stopped at two thrift stores, where I found a Pampered Chef stoneware mini bundt pan (6 minis on it) and a Xyron 500 sticker machine, both for $5 each.

All in all, it was a good "deal" day!