Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fun gifts for boys who travel a lot

Our friends' boys range in age from 10 to 3, but I think they were all tickled with the little gifts for them. First of all, I made them each a decorative personalized notebook using old calendar pages:

Their dad and grandpa love to hunt, so I guessed that they'd enjoy these animals. I had to laugh after their son pointed out that the trophy buck had a nice 10-point rack. I hadn't thought to count! :)

I wanted to make them a little something to "play" with, too, so I finally got around to using an idea I've had for years ...

Traveling car tins ...

You can find these mini cars at Dollar Tree, 8 in a pack. Not all of them are from Dollar Tree, though, because I pick these up secondhand whenever I can find them. My first idea was to add magnets to the bottom of the cars, but I was out of magnetic strip and couldn't run to the store for more. So I just put 3 cars and a road sign in each tin and called it done.

They were thrilled! I didn't realize it, but the middle boy had been asking his parents for these tiny cars for months. They hadn't been able to find any, so he was especially thrilled to finally get a few.

I really enjoy making little gifts for children. They are always so appreciative!


Esther said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Love those little tins! AND as always your notebooks turned out very nice! (Beautiful isn't the word for those kinds of images is it?!?!?!)

Shore Girl said...

Featuring this on my "Walk Around Blog Land" today.