Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lots of excitement at our house!

This past weekend brought lots of excitement to our house! A few hours before my daughter's 4th birthday party, my son's first tooth fell out. (He's had a few pulled, but this was the first that fell out all on its own.) Please excuse the slightly gross picture, but my family will want to see the missing tooth! :)

We had my daughter's 4th birthday party with our close friends. She wanted a Hello Kitty theme, and you didn't hear me complain. I think this was the easiest cake I ever decorated, and I didn't need any special pans or even decorator icing (which is too sweet for my liking).

It's a little hard to see in the picture, but you can get an idea of what her homemade party hats looked like. I made them all basically the same, except the birthday girl's had glitter on Hello Kitty's dress, as well as a number "4". (By the way, it's incredibly easy to make your own party hats. Just cut out a half circle from cardstock, wrap it into a cone, and decorate!)

And then I got really "lucky" and found the perfect party favors at Walgreens:

I didn't have to do a thing to them, and they matched perfectly! My kids have been bugging me to buy them one of these marshmallow pops for ages, but I wasn't about to spend $1.25 on one, unless it happened to be for a special occasion. :) It certainly didn't hurt that I was able to use some extra Register Rewards to help pay for them!

So now you see what has kept me busy for the last few days. Never fear, though, I just discovered two more card pictures on my camera that I haven't shared yet. Apparently, I took pictures of them right before the party and just forgot about them in all the excitement. I'll share them in the next post.


Esther said...

We had lots of fun at the party! Glad we got to come.