Saturday, October 24, 2009

More cheap stamps!

I'd sure like to know what stamp store went out of business that all these closeout stores are getting these wonderful rubber stamps! :) Look what I found at Ollie's today:
I put a ruler by them so you can tell that these are not the teeny, tiny things you'd expect for $0.99 each!! I got these for my friend who doesn't get to this area more than once or twice a month. I knew she'd want to see a picture, so here they are! :)

As for myself, I got two stamps. I've been eyeing that lighthouse stamp at Michaels for awhile now. I couldn't resist the elephants, either, since they are one of my favorite zoo animals. They had a few more stamps, but they weren't that great.

So if you live near an Ollie's, you'll want to check them out!!


Esther said...

Thanks for letting me in on this great deal (and for taking the picture so I can see what I bought!). I'm always tickled to get new stamps -- especially when they cost so little!