Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A quick share!

Okay, here's a really quick post with some of what I wanted to share! I've been playing around with some digital images (especially the free ones) and combining them with some free word art I got from this wonderfully talented (and generous lady), Bethany.

I came up with this 5x7" ocean-themed notecard set to give to the evangelist's wife that is visiting this week. She was raised around here, so she shares a love for the ocean. I wanted to make them with a high-end, by-the-ocean boutique feel. I used some nice thick cardstock with texture, and I really LOVE how they turned out. These are something you really need to see in person to appreciate. But since I can only show you pictures, here they are:

This first picture doesn't look too great small. Click on it to see the detail better. The footprints were from a free PhotoShop brush, and the sentiment (as all of these did) came from Bethany. I added glittery embossing powder to the footprints.

This sand dollar came from Arthur's Free Clip Art site. The glittery embossing powder gave it a lovely effect, with no coloring needed!

This sea horse also came from Arthur's Free Clip Art. I simply colored in the seaweed and added glittery embossing powder to make the sea horse stand out.

This lighthouse image came from a free PhotoShop brush called SS Beach Sketches. Since lighthouses are usually white anyway, it didn't require much coloring, either.

And lastly, this starfish came from the same PhotoShop brush set (SS Beach Sketches). I added glittery embossing powder to the starfish, and I really liked the effect.

I'm working on tons more word art/digital image pairings, so maybe you'll see more of them in the near future. I'd love to offer to share them, but I don't think I'll be able to since they're not my original works. However, feel free to go collect the word art and digital images yourself and pair them up. :)


Esther said...

I love how you paired these all up. Once again, I'm reminded "clean and simple" can be so beautiful!