Thursday, November 12, 2009

Customized Dry Erase Tile

Someone on Splitcoaststampers first gave me this idea, but I don't remember who to give credit to. Did you know that you can use a glazed ceramic tile as a dry erase board? I certainly didn't!

Since I found this out, I picked up all the dry erase board markers I could when they were cheap (or free) during the back-to-school sales. And now I've finally gotten around to making a decorated one.

I decided to make the first one for myself, just to see how it would turn out. You always learn from the first one, and I didn't want to make a mistake on a gift. So here is what I made:

This is an 8x10" ceramic tile from Home Depot. It cost a few pennies more than $1, so it's quite inexpensive. Add the easel from Dollar Tree, and you have a cute gift for $2.

It's very easy to make. All you need are:

  • a tile
  • rub-ons, stamps (use StaZon ink and permanent markers), stickers, or other decorations
  • Paper Glaze (or other similar product like Crystal Effects, Jewelry Glaze, Glossy Accents, etc.)

I used a Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose Wallie I bought years ago. My kitchen is decorated to match my Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose dishes, so this matches perfectly! Then I used a set of clear stamps to spell out "MENU" and an Inkadinkado decorative swirlie to accent it, stamped it with black StazOn ink, and then sealed everything with Paper Glaze.

Actually, I used a combination of Paper Glaze and Jewelry Glaze (I've had it for over 10 years, so I'm not sure if they still make it). I had the best success with the Jewelry Glaze, but I think that's because you apply it with a brush so it doesn't end up so thick.

You probably noticed there's a spot that looks frosted. Every now and then I get that when I use Paper Glaze. I'm assuming I put it on too heavily, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know what causes that?

I'm thrilled with how this turned out, and I'm planning to make one for each of my Secret Sisters as part of their Christmas gift. I'll share them when I make them.

Just a final note: Whatever you do, don't write on the Paper Glaze, even with dry erase markers. If you do accidentally, wipe it off immediately. If you don't, it won't come off after about five minutes.


Cheryl Lynn Hirzel said...

Really a beautiful gift to give! I am going to attempt finding these larger tiles and try a few myself! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration!!!

Sophia said...


I'm glad you like it! I stopped by Lowe's today to pick up a few more, but they don't carry that size (at least not here). I thought it might be helpful to know! :)

Olgy said...

What a wonderful idea! Very pretty.