Saturday, December 26, 2009

After-Christmas shopping

I was at Wal-Mart when it opened this morning at 6:00, and I was home by 9:30. I got some good deals, as you can see:

I generally get fragrance gifts for my husband's side of the family, since they will last until next year. I did buy a few food gifts, but those are for handing out tomorrow to a few people who have been extra-helpful to us this year.

Some of my favorite finds were the toy power tools marked down to $2.50 each, the mini coloring book packs (10/pk w/crayons, stickers and mini book) for $2.50, and the tub crayons for $1.50.

I bought all three remaining tub crayons, whether they had the cling to color or not. I'll likely just repackage them without the cling anyway, but $1.50 is a decent price for such a fun gift. My kids love them!

The mini coloring book packs are perfect for tucking in little gifts for missionary kids as they travel through.

I was also thrilled to find Lightning McQueen and Dora bubble bath dispensers for $2.50 each. These are so easy to refill, and they make bathtime a lot more fun. I have a niece and nephew who are going to love these!

Hmmm ... Does anybody really wrap their Christmas gifts in pink wrapping paper? I guess you could if your decorations were done in pink, but it would clash terribly with our decorations! :) That's okay, though, because I now have a beautiful metallic pink wrapping paper for everyday gifts throughout the year. When I buy wrapping paper after Christmas, I like to look for something that can be used year-round. All three of these designs fit the bill nicely, and I'm well-stocked for the next two years.

[I don't shop on Sundays, so next year's day-after-Christmas shopping won't be done until Monday. A lot of the good stuff is gone by then, so I'm not counting on getting anything important next year.]

I didn't find any nice Christmas cards, but that's okay. I enjoy making cards, and I can make my own next year.

I was very disappointed with the selection left in Michaels, but I did find a few things. These were probably my favorite:

They are humongous hydrangea (?) stems, and I got them for $2.40 each. Then there is the stem of leaves (eucalyptus??) for $2. I pulled all the little blossoms and leaves off, and here's what I got:

... 50 big, beautiful, glittery brown blossoms ...

... 50 big, beautiful, glittery green blossoms ... and a bunch of leaf sets for my stamped roses (I didn't count them, but there were lots).

That's a pretty good price, considering the Making Memories brand in this size come in a package of 10 for $3-4. I'm happy! :)

I hope you also found some good deals today!