Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another house box I forgot to share

As I was looking through the pictures I wanted to share on my blog, I discovered that I hadn't shared this brick-style house box I had made a little while ago. You can see more of my "house" boxes here, here, and here.

When I originally made this box, it looked rather plain. I really liked the dormer, though, so I set it aside to think.

And then I realized it was missing shrubbery! So here it is once the shrubbery is added:

Here you can better see the scoring that makes the brick effect. It takes a few minutes, but it's really cute! However, I would not attempt it without a scoring board! I got the Martha Stewart one from Michaels a month or so ago with a coupon.

I used a Cuttlebug flower die cut in half to make the shrubs, and the wreath on the door is made from a snowflake punch.

I gave this as a gift with a bag of Hershey's Kisses inside.