Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas on a Budget, Part 3

Have you ever seen a doll at the thrift store and passed it by because its hair looked like this?

I know I have!

Well, my niece wanted an American Girl doll for Christmas, but my sister and her husband just couldn't justify $100 for a doll. So I looked for an alternative at thrift stores. I'd heard that Tolly Tots were a pretty good quality doll, so that's the brand I was hoping for. Sure enough, I found this one in good shape.

I really had to try to do something to that frizzy hair, though. I have frizzy hair, and I can tell you that it doesn't look good on a doll or a human. :) So I ran across these instructions for conditioning doll hair, and you can see the results for yourself:

It's not perfect, but it's a huge improvement!

Not only that, but her hair smells terrific ...

... and she looks much more "giftable" now. :)

I was hoping to sew a few outfits for her, but I'm a bit short on time. We'll see!

P.S. After seeing several of these types of dolls (different brands) at thrift stores, I have a little tip for you: Make sure you buy a doll that has the hair actually in the scalp, not just a "wig" glued on. Trust me, some of the dolls I've seen with "wig" hair have been enough to give you nightmares! :)


Lisa said...

Something else you can try is to straight iron (if you have one) on the lowest setting. I know it helps Barbie's hair...Test it out on a small amount first because some of the hair melts even with a little heat. We have also used curling irons to curl the hair back (also lowest heat setting) Blessings, Lisa

Sophia said...

Is a straight iron the same as a curling iron? Or is it just a plain old iron? I don't have a curling iron, but I do have a regular one! :)

angie said...

some little girl will be very happy because of your extra effort. I had never heard of Tolly Tots before, so I did some researching and came up with some pretty inexpensive choices on ebay. I have very few thrift stores in my area, and never see the nice selections you find.

Sophia said...

Yes, Ebay was going to be our next step if I didn't find one when we were on vacation.

I used to see these Tolly Tots dolls all the time at thrift stores for less than $5 each. But since my sister asked me to look for one, this is the first one I've seen in three months. I guess this one was meant to be. :)