Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas on a Budget, Part 8

Here's another alternative for those expensive Baby Alive accessories: cloth diapers. The idea is certainly not original with me. In fact, you can find them on eBay if you're not a seamstress. They're so cheap and easy to make that it's unbelievable they're getting $4 each for them, but I guess it's still cheaper than the disposables they sell for her!

As always, presentation is everything. :) Here's a pack of three cloth diapers suitable for gift-giving:

I used the free pattern here, but I used snaps instead. (My sewing machine hates Velcro.) If you use snaps, you have to be a lot more precise with the placement, but it does work, and it's quite cheap. I've had the snaps I used on these for about 20 years.

As for the packaging, I used this idea from Splitcoaststampers, which looks very storebought. It uses a 6x6" scrapbook page protector and some cardstock. You could use a ziplock baggie, if you wanted to. The top is hidden, so it wouldn't really matter. You would just need to adjust the size of the cardstock.

And in case you're wondering, my two nieces and my daughter will each be getting a pack for Christmas. :)


Susan said...

Ok, this is really cute. My daughter would have loved these when she was a little girl! It's too late for Christmas for me, but I'm going to have to find out what kinds of dolls all my nieces have so I can send birthday gifts - for the first time ever, because I never could afford stuff for even one girlie, and I have 11 nieces!

Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Esther said...

Do I see a new border punched used on the edge? VERY cute idea! Makayla actually saves her own money and buys real baby diapers to diaper her many babies. She also buys real baby wipes (or gets them in her stocking!). She likes using real baby items on her play babies, and it gives her something to save for that isn't another Dollar Tree item sure to end in the trash can after a week! I'll keep this idea in mind though.....should I ever get energetic!! CUTE!!

Sophia said...

Yes, that's a new border punch. :)
I just loved it, and it's perfect for these Baby Alive accessories.