Saturday, December 19, 2009


Yes, I'm excited. We're snug in our home, we don't need to run anywhere for gifts or food, and it's finally snowing here. (We don't usually get much.) We're hoping this snow sticks around for a few days so we can have a "white Christmas"!

I hope you're having a fun, restful last few days of the "holiday shopping season". :)


UnfinishedMom said...

We are loving the relaxed day too! A little bit of shoveling. A little bit of snow watching. A little bit of gift wrapping. Nibble a Christmas cookie or two. Watch the snow some more. Don't you love it when God redecorates?

Esther said...

NO FAIR!!! This Pennsylvania girl is homesick as it is......winter on the Shore always does this to me! Every year I hope and wish for even an inch of snow that sticks for more than a day or two, but alas we always get rain, rain, and more rain! Depressing! What I wouldn't give to be snug "at home" (in Pa.)with a fire in the fire place......watching the snow fall and build up into a few feet!