Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Small notebook gifts

I took some notepads to Ministerial last year, and the ladies all loved them. Several of them commented on how nice it was that I thought of them, so I wanted to make something again this year.

We didn't need the big notebooks last year, so I thought this project was quite appropriate - a half-sized notebook:

You get mini legal pads cut in half vertically for these notepads. I used a utility knife and metal ruler for these, but I recommend you get them cut at the printers. It's a lot harder on your hands than you might think! Most places only charge $1/cut, and theoretically you should be able to stack quite a few of these notebooks and pay for just one cut - right down the middle of them all.

Here is an inside glimpse:

Michelle Wooderson is the genius behind this project. You can check out the ones of hers that inspired me right here. You'll also find the directions in the same post.

I didn't have the basket stamp she used, but I loved it. So I searched the free clip art sites for something comparable and came up with this basket freebie. I just resized it to make it more square.

I also didn't have anything decorative that said "Notes" or anything else like it, so I used a free digital medallion from Martha Stewart and added the word "NOTES" to it. Sorry, but I forget exactly where on Martha's site that I got the download. If I find it, I'll add it here.

I really liked how these turned out! I made 15 of them so far, and I have more to make. So keep an eye out for more in the future!


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I really like the one on the far left - love the bling! LOL Our ladies are going to a retreat in April and I was wanting to do something like this for them then. I'll keep this in mind - thanks!