Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One more rug for today ...

I called my Mom tonight and she mentioned that she needed a rug for right in front of her kitchen sink. Of course I volunteered to make her one. Her kitchen has some tan and pink in it, so I tried to make it coordinate as well as I could with the colors I have. So here it is:

This one is done in a semicircle. It works for where they wanted it, but I think I do prefer the special shapes. :)


Esther said...

Oh, I love it! Like the shape too! That is exactly the spot I was thinking of making one for (whenever I gather the materials and energy to make one!). I was thinking of trying something rectangle, but maybe the 1/2 circle would work too?!? I'm thinking red/tan for my kitchen and maybe black/white for the laundry room? (Then again the white in that location might not be a good idea!)
Anyway, you have me itching to try this new-to-me craft!

AL said...

The rugs are great! Stars, half-circle, whatever. I really love this use of old t-shirts. Thanks for showing us!