Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some good deals at Tuesday Morning

I hadn't been to Tuesday Morning in over a month, so I stopped in the other day while I was out with the kids shopping for other things. I was thrilled to find paper, paper and more paper for cardmaking and scrapbooking!

These 50-sheet cardstock packs were only $1.99 each. They had 25-sheet packs from the same company for $3.99. Go figure! I was more than happy to buy the best deal in three colors that I didn't already have. I've been wanting a lighter blue cardstock for awhile now, so that was especially nice.

And then they had a slew of 12x12" printed paper from Making Memories. It came in 25-sheet packs (all the same design) for $1.99 each pack. Yes, I'll take one of each! :) No, I guess I did leave a few designs behind because they weren't my style. But these are so absolutely perfect for me and my personal style!

Am I the only paper junkie that likes to just look at these papers sitting here looking all pretty together? (I guess the red hearts don't coordinate with the rest, but still ... ) I've been thinking of some pretty uses for some of this paper, so it may just show up in a project sometime soon.


Esther said...

Wow--- you should be all set for a while with that stash! I especially like having more than one piece of the same paper -- I use my paper faster if I do. (For some reason it's hard for me to use my patterned paper if it's the last piece --- guess because when that's gone there is no more!) Actually one of my "New Year's Resolutions" was to start using my stash of "things" up and not hoard so much. We'll see how that works out!

jemilyea said...

No, you are not weird for enjoying the look of the paper all lined up! During Christmas shopping I discovered a Tuesday Morning I hadn't known about. I bought a pack of Christmas paper with the thought of handmade cards in mind. I've never made any before.

Sophia said...

I figured you'd understand. (Did you make any cards yet? I'd love to see them!)