Thursday, February 25, 2010

More circle medallions

Awhile back, I found Becca's tutorial for making these circle medallions with corner punches. I haven't made any since I've picked up several of the MS PATP sets, so I thought I'd try it with those corner punches and see what I got.

Just in case you're wondering, too, here's what they look like ...

This is the 3-dot hole punch. All of these style MS corner punches actually punch the outside if you follow the traditional directions (see the righthand image). However, if you cut a 2" circle out of the middle of the regular 3-1/2" circle, you can insert the punch and get the traditional-looking results that are seen on the left. (I really, really like this shape because it reminds me of a petite doily.)

This is the eyelet PATP punch. I thought it would be my favorite, since it's one of my favorites for borders and such, but I wasn't as impressed with these medallions.

Lastly, this is the snowflake PATP punch (Aspen something, I think). This one was really neat!

I'll eventually get to using these on cards, but I know I always like to see how things are going to turn out before I invest too much time and expense in them. So I hope this helps someone else who thought about trying it but doesn't have the time to experiment. :)

I used old computer paper that had been printed on one side, so that's why it's a little wrinkly in some places, and also why you probably see some stray printing here and there.

Have you tried any of these with different punches? I'd love to see them!


Shore Girl said...

I especially like the ones with the punch around the outside edge. The snowflake design is my favorite of these!