Thursday, March 18, 2010

A great find at Big Lots!

I was browsing the forums at Splitcoaststampers last night when I came across a thread about someone finding clear stamp sets at Big Lots for $1-2 each. Since I had to go by there today for my daughter's dental cleaning visit, I knew I had to stop in. Not everyone was finding them at their store, so I didn't get my hopes up too much. But look what all I got:

Most of these are sets, and only one is the size of the typical $1 sets you can get at Michaels. I looked up the prices online for the ones I could find, and they all average between $10-15. WOW!

According to the prices I found online, I got $110+ (not including 3 large sets, 1 small set and 3 single stamps) for $15. If you add in an average of $10 per large stamp set for the big sets (which is being conservative), $1 for the small set and just $1 each for the regular stamps (all but 1 of those was at least $5, guaranteed) ... that brings it to an estimated value of $153 for just $15.

I was beyond thrilled! Sure, there are some cute ones other people found that I would have liked, but I can't complain!


Carolyn said...

You got a great deal. I can't get by our Big Lots till Monday. Mine may not have them, but it can't hurt to look. :-)

~Cindy~ said...

our big lots didnt have the large clear sets just the small sets and tons of rubber stamps, they were only 50 cents instead of a dollar, I bought 7.50 worth of stamps...and it is all your fault..ROFL

Sophia said...

I'm always glad to enable! :)