Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Challenge You Wednesday: File Folders

I chose the theme for this week's challenge. I've been collecting pretty file folders for awhile, and I finally decided I needed to make something with them. I've seen all these other really pretty things everyone else has been making with them, but I was scared to death to cut into these pretty folders that I knew I couldn't replace. (Dollar Tree sold out pretty quickly here.) I've bought decorative file folders from Dollar Tree, Michaels and Big Lots, but I'm only using Dollar Tree folders today.

Well, no more hoarding for me! That's part of what this Wednesday challenge is all about - getting us to use supplies we bought and just haven't taken the time to use yet.

There are a myriad of projects you can make with file folders, but they're especially good for projects that will benefit from the extra strength of the folders. Boxes and other 3D items are prime candidates. But for today, I chose a few organizers that I've been desperately needing. Maybe I'll do a few more projects later.

First up is a large notepad to go in my purse. I can't tell you how much I miss having a notepad in my purse! My kids love paper as much as I did growing up, so they tend to write all over my notepads during church. But these are obviously pretty and grown-up and Mommy's. :) I'm sure they'll understand ...

I goofed on this project, even though I made a "dummy" copy first with a plain file folder so I would get the placement of the main image just right. Unfortunately, my brain failed to process the idea of the flap covering the main image ... Oh well. It's still pretty when you open it (and the back has the same image, unobscured by the flap).

Here it is with the flap opened:

And here it is opened the whole way. (I would have preferred a white notepad, but all I have are yellow at the moment.)

You can find a tutorial for these notepad covers at Splitcoaststampers here.

Next, I made a thrift store shopping organizer for my purse. I've been thinking about this for awhile, and I need a way to organize exactly what I'm looking for when we go to thrift shops. So that means I need to write down specific sizes, colors, book titles, etc.

I started out with this file folder:

Basically, I cut the tabs off, scored and folded about 4" from the bottom (to create the pockets), then scored and folded the edges to the middle. Make sense? Well, check out the pictures and I think it will. Here is the front, when it's closed:

I used an adhesive Velcro dot to keep it closed. Here it is when you first open it. (Isn't that cool how the designs match up? It wasn't even planned!)

And then here it is when it's fully opened up. You can see the pockets to hold my lists. I've kept the pockets unlabeled so that I could more fully enjoy the design of the file folder. I plan to title my lists accordingly (clothing, shoes, books, etc.).

The inside of the folders are white, so I lined the top edge of each pocket with a coordinating solid paper. Basically, it's just a variation on this tutorial from Splitcoaststampers.

Lastly are two small mini list notebooks. I started with this folder:

And ended up with this (an entire file folder half unused!):

And here's a closer view of those little notepad covers:

You can find a tutorial for these little notepad covers at Splitcoaststampers here. They're really easy!

I realize you can make all of these projects with regular cardstock, but there are two main advantages that I see with using decorative file folders. First of all, they are sturdier. And secondly, since these are decorative and you don't have to attach any embellishments, there is nothing to catch on everything else that might be in your purse (car keys, cell phones, coin purse zippers, etc.).

Now that you've seen my file folder projects, why not hop on over to my friend's blog to see what she came up with this week?

As always, I'd love to see any file folder projects you come up with!


Shore Girl said...

Beautiful projects using very pretty folders! Like you said --- it's nice to have projects that you don't need a lot of embellishments on --- fun to do a CAS project now and again!

Susan said...

These are so pretty and practical! I might try making some things out of file folders to see if they sell in my shop.

Sophia said...


Let me know how they go! I've been thinking about starting an Etsy shop, but I have no clue how to price things. :)

Heather - said...

Those are very cool! Thanks for the note at dollarstorecrafts - glad I could help w/your organizational needs. I definitely need some organizational help right now, too!