Monday, March 22, 2010

Some fun shopping finds today

I ran out for a little bit of "me" time this morning, and I found a few good deals that I thought would be fun to share with you. I haven't been sharing much of my shopping lately, so here's a little peek ...

First of all, I got these at Dollar Tree:

The little birds are just too cute! I also love the notebooks. They look very "artsy", and they are unlined inside. They'd make a great sketchbook or artist's notebook. I was thinking of stamping a saying onto the cover above the birds, but I may just leave them blank since I don't have many "saying" stamps (and digis just wouldn't cut it for this project).

Then I went to Michaels to pick up some glue for another project I'll share some other day. Of course, I had to look all through the store because this is the time when they're getting new products in - especially in the $1 tower baskets. You just never know what fun things you're going to find there! :)

So here's what I got:

These $1 ME scottie dog chipboard books were too cute to pass up! I have a few thoughts on those, but that's for another time ...

The Sweet Shop stickers were only $0.29 each, so I got one for each of the kids' Easter baskets. They love stickers, and that's pretty cheap for stickers!

The house and fish chipboard books were clearanced to $0.50 each. I needed the fish ones for a Cousin Camp project, and I just wanted the house ones. I'm sure I'll think of something! :)

I happened to get to the clearance aisle just as the lady had finished marking things down - finally! These same items have been sitting in the clearance aisle for months with a measly 25% markdown (if that much). They must have finally realized that no one was going to buy them at those prices. Well, the price was right today!

I got the dinosaur EK Success edge punch for $2.99. That will probably go into my son's Easter basket, since both of the kids like to craft and he especially likes dinosaurs.

I also got a pack of label holders for $0.49/8. Things like this always come in handy when you're organizing!

And since they were clearancing the old $1 tower basket merchandise (that's what they call it), I got first dibs on the new stuff. I bought a cute clear monkey set and a "Happy Birthday" rubber stamp. I'll be returning the "Happy Birthday" stamp, though, because the rubber is pockmarked and there's no way I'll get a good impression out of it. I'm not sure if I'll exchange it or just get my money back, though, because it looks like it's made out of a much cheaper material than the traditional red rubber you can find in the $1 bin. It even looks cheap.

I couldn't fit it neatly into one picture, so here are two more of my clearance aisle finds:

10 gold, glittery vellum sheets for $0.99 and a cute Cuttlebug fish die for $0.99. I've been keeping my eye on this fish die because I've needed one several times. Of course it's not terribly difficult to freehand a fish, but these are a lot cuter than I'm able to do freehanded - and they're a LOT easier! :) They remind me a bit of the goldfish crackers my kids love.

I just noticed that I didn't include the glue in my picture. It's the E6000 that's industrial strength and will glue together anything you can imagine, except Styrofoam. From what I understand, these things can even go through the dishwasher, so it's pretty potent stuff!

Well, that's all for today!