Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Dollar Tree pedestal bowl

I love crafts that are inexpensive and elegant. They're a little hard to come by, but I like the thrill of hunting for them and then finding just the right project.

Well, I can't remember where exactly I saw this project, but I know it was from a link from Dollar Store Crafts somewhere in the archives. After I browsed the site for quite some time, I think it may have been this project that gave me the idea.

I have always loved pedestal bowls, but they don't always come in a style (or price) that I like. When I saw these glass pieces, I knew they were perfect. They can fit in with any theme or style!

So here's what I started with:

I got them both at Dollar Tree. The candlestick is about 4-1/2" high, and the bowl was labeled as a 7" bowl (it's about 3" high). I only paid $2 for them ($1 each). I also picked up some E6000 glue at Michaels. With a coupon, it was around $2, and I can do scads of projects with what's left.

I'm going to make myself one of these at some point because it's so much my style, but I made this one for my Secret Sister at church. She likes blue, so I added some holographic blue circle confetti to the "cup" of the candlestick, where the candle would usually rest. Then I applied the glue to the upper rim of the candlestick and glued the two pieces together. Since I put the confetti inside, I made sure I had a good seal of glue around the edges!

Here it is finished:

And since the picture didn't show that glittery confetti very well, here's a shot of it from the top, where you can see it better:

Pretty, isn't it? The finished size is 7-1/2" tall, and the bowl is 7" wide at the top, so this is a nice-sized pedestal bowl. I love it!

Now a little note about the glue ... This stuff is industrial strength, so it should be able to go through the dishwasher, if I understand the label correctly (which is another reason I wanted a tight seal on that confetti. )But since it's so strong, do read the usage instructions carefully. You need to work with this glue in a well-ventilated area and follow the other precautions on the packaging.

You can come up with endless variations on this bowl. I wandered through Dollar Tree looking at their various glass stemware and such, but this was the look I was going for. I tried what I think is a margarita glass (we don't drink), but I still thought it looked pretty much like what it was, and I really didn't want anyone to notice that. :) Now that I got the idea to fill that "well" with something, I might buy one and see how it looks when it's filled. (I'm thinking of mini seashells for my sister-in-law's room.) I'll let you know when I try it!