Friday, April 2, 2010

A great grocery trip today!

I haven't been doing grocery deals for the last few months. You've probably noticed. I got a little burnt out on the deals at the end of the year, since it seemed like none of them were working the way they were advertised. Well, I'm finally interested in trying it again. I'm avoiding the ones that are so complicated even the store manager won't understand them. :)

I've also raised our grocery budget to $150/month, since we now have our debt paid off and a little wiggle room in the rest of the budget. (I was also motivated by the fact that everything in the store has gone up at least $0.10 each in the last year; most of it has gone up more than that.) So that means my target is $37.50/week.

Check out what I got for $34.62 today:

I was especially pleased because I even took my 4-year-old daughter and got it all done in 2 hours. (My son stayed home and did seatwork while my husband worked in the study.)

The kids always ask to come along with me, but I've learned that they don't do well together while I'm trying to concentrate on the deals. I really want my kids to grow up knowing the importance of price comparisons and unit pricing, so I do want to take them along with me. I've come up with a plan that will hopefully work for our family ... I'll take one child one week and the other child the next week. They both like spending "alone" time with me, so hopefully this will be fun for all of us. (I was surprised at how much fun I had with my daughter today!)

Anyway, let's break down the deals, in case you want to try any of these. Here are close-up pictures so you can see better ...


  • 1 Top Round London Broil - $4.68 ($1.99/lb)
  • 4 blocks Philadelphia cream cheese
    on sale BOGO (reg. $1.79)
    used two $0.55/2 IP coupons that were doubled
    Final Price: $0.35 each

TOTAL: $6.06


  • 2 bottles Old Orchard apple juice (64 ozs each)
    on sale 3/$5
    used 2 $0.50/1 IP coupons that were doubled
    Final Price: $0.66 each
  • 2 Edy's ice cream - on sale for $1.99 each
  • 2 Hormel Black Label bacon - on sale for $1.99 each

TOTAL: $9.30

Food Lion

  • 5 cans peas - on sale for $0.33 each
  • 5 cans corn - on sale for $0.33 each
  • 6 bags (5 lbs each) Gold Medal bread flour
    on sale for $1.50 each
    used on-package peelie coupons for $0.55 off each!
    Final Price: $0.95 each
  • 2 (8 ozs each) bags Food Lion shredded cheddar cheese
    on sale 3/$5
    used $1/2 FL store coupon
    Final Price: $1.16 each
  • Breyers ice cream
    on sale for $2.50
    used $1/1 FL store coupon
    Final Price: $1.50

TOTAL: $12.83

Save A Lot

  • 1 lb honey ham lunchmeat (low fat, to boot!) - $2
  • 1 lb smoked turkey breast lunchmeat (also low fat!) - $2
  • 40 loads fabric softener - $2.29

TOTAL: $6.43 with tax

I was very happy with the deals today! All of the printable coupons I used can be found at, if you're interested. Of course, that excludes the Food Lion coupons that I printed from their website.

I should also tell you that all of my grocery stores are pretty close together, so it makes sense for me to take advantage of the best deals at each of them, if I have the time. It wouldn't make a lot of sense to travel a half hour to save $2 ... :)


Rhonda in OK said...

you did great!

thefrugalcrafter said...

Wow Sophia, you amaze me! I am lucky if I can get a weeks worth of groceries for $150 but a month!?! Granted I have 3 kids not two but wow! Also your Easter photos were wonderful to see, you have a lovely family:)