Friday, April 23, 2010

Grocery shopping: a great "deal" week!

I did my weekly grocery run today, and I was really excited at what I was able to get again this week. Here's a picture of everything I got for $45.52:

I went a little over my usual $37.50, but I didn't do any grocery shopping last week since we were in revival, so I had the wiggle room in the budget.

That's a lot of food! I almost couldn't get it onto one picture, so I took several close-ups to show you better.

4 jugs of apple juice, 6 lbs boneless/skinless chicken breast, 1 gallon milk, 4 boxes Honey Nut Cheerios, 2 boxes Cookie Crisp, 5 boxes Betty Crocker brownie mix, 1 can Food Lion organic peas ...

... 12 boxes Hamburger Helper (more on that a little further down), 8 pkgs Lender's bagesl, 4 cartons International Delight creamer, 2 bunches of bananas ...

... 2 bags chips, 3 pkgs hot dog buns, 1 pkg U by Kotex pads, 1 bottle of Cetaphil, 5 lbs sugar, 4 pkgs (6/pk) peanut butter eggs (my husband's favorite), 2 pkgs (6/pk) coconut cream eggs (my favorite), 2 adorable hollow bunnies (for my kids).

Now before I go telling you about the price I paid for everything, please understand that we don't eat Hamburger Helper every night of the week. Every time a blogger posts about getting Hamburger Helper for cheap, someone feels compelled to tell them that they're killing their family by feeding it to them. Here are my thoughts on the issue ...

We might use one box every two weeks, when we're pressed for time and might otherwise go through a drive-thru. Yes, there's plenty of sodium and fat here, but think about what's in a meal you get at a restaurant ... even fancy ones. At least I can see the nutrition label for what I'm feeding my family. I'd rather pay $2.50 for a complete meal like this than $20+.

Okay, now that I can get off my soapbox and tell you about the deals, let me tell you about the fabulous deals, store by store. :)

  • 2 boxes Cookie Crisp - $1.16 each after sale and coupons
  • 4 boxes Honey Nut Cheerios - $0.56 each after sale and coupons
  • 5 Betty Crocker brownie mixes - $1 each on sale (one of the few things that's cheaper as a mix)
  • 4 (62 ozs) cartons Old Orchard apple juice - $0.33 each after sale and coupons
  • 4 (16 ozs) International Delight coffee creamers - $0.15 each after sale and coupons
  • 6.25 lbs boneless/skinless chicken breast - $10.52 (average of $1.68/lb) after sale and special coupon

Food Lion
  • 8 pkgs Lender's bagels - $0.50 each after sale and coupons
  • 1 gallon milk - FREE after coupon (from last grocery trip)
  • 12 boxes Hamburger Helper - $0.42 each after sale and coupons
  • Food Lion Nature's Place Organics canned peas - $0.32 after store coupon

  • 10 lbs sugar - $4.72
  • 4.5 lbs bananas - $2.19
  • Cetaphil (8 ozs) - $0.47 after coupon

Dollar Tree
  • 2 bags chips - clearanced for $0.50 each
  • 3 pkgs hot dog rolls - clearanced for $0.50 each

Rite Aid
  • U by Kotex pads - $1.00 profit after sale, Single Check Rebate and coupon
  • 4 pkgs peanut butter eggs (6/pk) - $0.49 each on clearance
  • 2 pkgs coconut eggs (6/pk) - $0.49 each on clearance
  • 2 chocolate bunnies - $0.49 each on clearance

I was very pleased with this week's shopping trip. Again, my stores are all pretty close to each other, so I didn't have to run as much as it might look like. :)

I had a neat little conversation with a very well-dressed man in front of me at Superfresh today. My cereal boxes kept falling over onto his order when the belt jerked, but he was very gracious about it. He commented that that was quite a bit of cereal, so I told him how good of a deal it was after coupons. He was impressed!

Then I told him about the coffee creamer, and his eyes almost bugged out. He asked me where I found these wonderful coupons, so I told him about and He repeated them back to me a few times so he'd be sure to remember. He said he likes using coupons but didn't really know where to go to find them. I was glad to be of service! :)


Rhonda said...

No bad comment from me, I think your shopping totals are amazing.

Anyway, right nowI think the middle of the road nutritionists are saying we should aim to eat 80% the "right" way and 20% of the not so perfect stuff allowed.

And I am late getting this comment to you but I have shopped at the new Tuesday Morning in my town twice, and the second time I got a big assortment of the clear stamps that you put on the acrylic blocks for $14, a really great deal! and a Martha bird punch I had been wanting for about $2 or $3.
So thank you for posting your deals

Sophia said...

I'm glad those Tuesday Morning posts helped someone! :) I think I saw the same stamps at my Tuesday Morning, but the box was a little vague as to which of the images were stamps inside. I'd love to see pictures of yours because I know that box is still at my Tuesday Morning. :)

liza said...

I always use printable grocery coupons and save lots on my weekly grocery shopping. I saved $1 on Langers juice and VELVEETA Shells & Cheese Cup and Get ONE FREE up to $1.30. These coupons are available on

Sophia said...

Hi Liza,

I love printable coupons since I don't have access to a lot of the insert coupons lately. That site you mentioned is a Smartsource site. I should have also mentioned that most Smartsource coupons say "Do Not Double or Triple" on them, and that may affect the deals if your store cares about that wording.

Thanks for the comment!