Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some of my favorite Easter pictures

Of course I took pictures on Sunday, and I thought I'd share my favorites today.

The first few are my daughter, who got all the photogenic genes for her generation and mine!

These first two were taken on the porch of our church, but it was so bright that she was having a hard time keeping her eyes open. Not only that, but huge bumblebees were dive-bombing that beautiful tree behind her, and it was even getting to me! :) So we took it inside ...

I love these last two of her! I asked her to look out the window. I didn't tell her to look serious, but I got exactly the look I was after. I just love the natural light in these pictures!

This is me with my daughter. We didn't match perfectly, but it's close enough to know she was mine! :)

And then my son, who wasn't totally sure about posing beside these artifical "flowers" inside the church.

And one of the best smiles ever from my husband and son. I had just gotten them to laugh, and I love these smiles! (My husband thinks his smile is a little too big, but I think it's perfect

So there is your little peek into our very traditional Easter Sunday. I hope you enjoyed it!


Susan said...

You have a beautiful family! Love the pics of your little girl looking out the window.

DeeAnn said...

Your family is so beautiful.