Friday, April 23, 2010

Today's yard sale finds!

On my way home from grocery shopping, I saw a bright yellow yard sale sign. What caught my eye was that this one started tonight - from 4:00 until 7:00. We can't always get up and going very early on Saturday (my kids sleep late - and so do I), so this was a golden opportunity to be one of the first people there and get a chance at the good stuff.

Well, when we started browsing, not much was priced. And you could tell they had money. Sometimes that works great for a yard sale (they don't care what they get out of the stuff), and sometimes it doesn't (they know how much they paid and think you should, too). Fortunately, these people were the first kind.

As I was looking at a table half-filled with miniature violin decorations (and almost drooling), the lady came over, so I asked her how much they were. She said I could have all of the violins and their bows for $3 (which included the mini violins in the box). Considering the price on the back showed that the large ones were originally $12.95 each at Peebles, I was more than pleased at the price! :)

So take a peek at some of our other treasures from this yard sale:

All of those chipboard boxes (yes, both stacks of them), as well as the wooden roosters you see in the next picture, were just $1 for all of them together. The lampshade looks gorgeous in our bedroom, and it was only $1. Of course, I already told you those violins were $3 for all of them ...

I got the purse nightlight for $1, and the rest of these items were on the $0.25 table. Yes, that includes the 6-pack of Crate & Barrel tapers that are still in their original packaging and shrink wrap!

And here's a picture of those tiny violin ornaments. Aren't they perfect?!

I have a "thing" for violins. I started playing violin in 4th grade, and I think violin music is heavenly. I can't play it like some people because I never could get that lovely vibrato effect, but maybe someday I'll pick it up again and see what I can do with it. At any rate, I love violins!

I'm envisioning a tablescape, maybe a shadowbox (maybe both) done in "The Touch of the Master's Hand" theme. If I get it just right, I'll be sure to share it with you! :)

Happy yard sale-ing tomorrow, if you get to go. It's supposed to rain here.


DeeAnn said...

I am so envious of the beautiful violins. I would have been hugging them. You found some great deals.

Scrap Kia said...

I love the little violins! What a great find! My niece just started to learn how to play (she's in 3rd grade). Seeing them makes me want to make something violin related for her for her birthday.