Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby's Special Memories Notebooks

You knew I was going to have another variation on the observation notebook, didn't you? I had this idea at the same time, and I like how it turned out.

The idea for these notebooks is that they're small enough to fit inside a diaper bag or purse (even one that's already stuffed!), and a new mom can have dedicated space to record all those cute things her baby does ... because we all know that "mommy brain" doesn't go away for a very long time. Those things you think you'll remember in detail become hazy memories in about a month. Or they are written on pieces of paper here and there that get buried under diaper and wipes coupons, never to be seen again.

So, let's get on to the pictures:

The first one I made was the girl version. I adore these baby feet stamps! I actually combined two different stamp sets (both by Hampton Art) for the sentiment. I thought they went together quite nicely.

And here's what it looks like inside:

I decided to only stamp one side of each double-page-spread so that there would be plenty of room to write all about these special events ... or even to write really big because you're so sleep-deprived you can't see right. :) There's room for twenty "observations."

And here's the boy version:

The inside is exactly the same, except that I stamped it in light blue.

Oh, I almost forgot one of the fun things you can't see in the pictures -- colored staples. I got a pack of each color of staples after the school supplies were clearanced last year, and I have pink and blue staples that almost perfectly match these little books. It's a fun little finishing touch!

Once again, these aren't all that difficult. But I'm putting them in my Etsy shop in case you're interested. ;)


Shore Girl said...

Cute Cute!! I needed you around when I had my baby --- afraid I have forgotten a lot of things!