Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flowerpot Easel Gift Cards

Our church gave out gift cards to Wal-Mart for Mother's Day this year. I couldn't just let them hand out those boring wraps you can get at Wal-Mart, so I offered to make a pot of flowers to go with them. :)

I got this idea from last weeks' Daring Cardmakers Challenge. Scroll down to the card by "Kathy", and you'll see her flowerpot easel card. What a great idea!

But I needed my cards to do triple-duty, too, so I simply used my new slot punch to make the inside (underneath the flowers) into a gift card holder (scroll down for photos).

I made several like this one ...

And a lot like this one.

And here's a picture of the inside taken out, so you can see how they hold the gift cards. Pretty cool, huh?

I wanted to make them easel cards so they would stand up nicely while they were on display at church (before they were handed out).

In case you've never done a flowerpot card before, here is an excellent tutorial.


Shore Girl said...

These are really neat! I actually copied that idea for my card inspiration page intending to do it sometime in the future! Great idea -- they turned out very pretty!

precious said...

This one is so pretty! I like the colors that were used.
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