Friday, May 28, 2010

More Paper Roses!

I made some more paper roses, and I thought I'd share them with you today. I promise, I am going to make something with them, but right now I'm having fun just making them! :)

This first one is actually made with a 5-petal flower:

I did it to see how they differ. Personally, while I love the yellow gingham on this one, I really prefer the 6-petal flower roses. They're easier to work with, and I think the centers look more realistic. Not only that, but a 5-petal rose requires 4 cutouts instead of the 3 used in a 6-petal rose.

Here is one done with an orange patterned paper ...

... One with Chinese paper (yes, I cut up a book!), inked edges, and embossing glitter (kaleidoscope, I think) ...

... Another with Chinese paper, inked edges, and embossing glitter (stardust, I think) ...

... And finally another with Chinese paper, inked edges, and gold embossing glitter.

I don't recommend the gold embossing glitter if you want to be able to make out the printing on the paper (like I wanted to on this one). The exception: if you distress it a bit by taking off most of the glitter before you emboss. Otherwise, you won't be able to make out what kind of paper you made it from. Usually, that's not a big deal. But these Chinese characters are too cool to cover up completely. I was hoping for an accent, not a show-stealer. :)

So there are the rest of my paper roses to date. They're a lot of fun and pretty easy to make!


Inger said...

Ohhh how beautiful are these!!!
Love all of them! :)