Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Paper Mache Box #1

Remember those paper mache boxes I got at the yard sale? I decided to decorate some. This is my first attempt, using a pretty file folder whose decoration was just a little too big for a card ...

The file folder was from Dollar Tree. I've been loving their gorgeous file folders lately! :) The top of the box was cut from the decorative part, and the sides were cut from the back. You can see those a little better in this second picture:

I painted the lip of the lid with metallic gold paint, then added some rayon trim and hemming lace a friend had given me years ago. They matched so well!

File folders are a bit heavier than most papers you would glue onto these boxes, so I held the seams in place with some bulldog clips until they dried.

I was thrilled with how this turned out!


Shore Girl said...

Wow! That turned out VERY pretty! Great job and great idea!