Friday, May 14, 2010

Paper Mache Box #3

I wanted to make more boxes before I run out of steam and end up with ten boxes sitting in my craft room untouched, so I went ahead and made more of them.

I've had this image sitting around for years now, waiting for the perfect little project. Well, this is it!

I used more white sewing trim around the top of the lid and paper lace at the edges of the top and bottom.

The decorative paper covering the sides is 12" long (3-1/2" tall), but I was working with scraps and only had enough to make two 12" strips. That meant I was 2" short of what I needed to cover the sides. I really wanted to use that paper, so I decided to parcel out those 2" and make decorative breaks with a matching paper.

I made the double bow with my homemade bowmaker and topped it with a ribbon rose I've had for what seems like forever.

I really like how this turned out!


Shore Girl said...

Another pretty box... wondering what you plan to use all these boxes for? I've never known you to create something without having a "plan" in mind!

Sophia said...

Actually, I've given away all but one so far. They make great gift packaging. :)