Monday, May 24, 2010

A quick find to show off!

I have some awesome thrift stores around here, as I'm sure you've noticed. But I don't think they realize just how awesome they are.

Take, for example, my local favorite called Harvest Ministries. When I went in last week for the first time in awhile, they had bags of miscellaneous craft stuff for $0.25 each. BIG, clear bags so you could see what was in them! I got four of them, packed full of ribbons, lace, potholder weaving looms, jersey knit loops for the weaving looms, beads, buttons ... you name it.

Was I ever surprised to find this hidden in the depths of one of the bags:

It's a miracle they didn't throw this out, really. How did they know it wasn't some strange drug? :)

Well, I super-glad they didn't because it's actually a special blend of Flower Soft, that over-priced shaved foam stuff. It's probably several dollars' worth of Flower Soft, but I consider it a freebie, since I would have bought the bag for everything else that was in it anyway. Even at the full cost of the bag ($0.25), it was a steal! :)

I hope you find some treasures at your local thrift shops, too!


Rhonda said...

I've never heard of flower soft - glad you got such good deals.

I was a yard sale this weekend and saw a table full of SU stamp sets. They were very reasonable, $3, 5 and 7 dollars. I looked through all of them but none of them were my cup of tea, so I left them there. After I got home, I knew I had done the right thing as I have plenty of stamps and don't ones I don't really like

Sophia said...

Good for you on showing restraint! Every time I see stamp sets at yard sales, I hope it's something I'll use because you can't beat the prices. But I've turned down my share of stamps, too. Hopefully someone else got them (who will like and use them). :)