Friday, May 7, 2010

Secondhand Finds - Weekly Highlights

I mentioned that I was visiting my parents for a few days this past week. Well, my visit just happened to coincide with their community's yard sale days. I love those kinds of yard sales because you can park your vehicle and just walk in the really nice communities - and get tons of great bargains while you're at it!

One of the best deals we got at those yard sales were a whole bunch of clothes for my mom. She needed some clothes, and we hit a yard sale absolutely brimming with her hard-to-find size. It was so nice to pack her closet with clothes that she can fit at prices you just can't argue with. :)

Now, on to the pictures! Check out the stamp sets my husband and I found at various places over the course of 2 days:

We paid $17.50 for everything! Let me show you some close-ups ...

My husband found these CTMH stamps at a thrift store on his way to pick me up on Tuesday. The "My Acrylix" sets were $1 each and so was the window/frame set!

The set in the upper lefthand corner is mostly a SU! consultant set. My husband got it for $3 at the same thrift store as the previous sets. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the consultant stamps, but I really liked the non-consultant stamps in the box, so it was still worth the price tag. :) I never complain when my husband picks up stamps for me!

The SU! set in the upper righthand corner was just $1 at that same thrift store, and the stamps had never been mounted! I discovered that it was missing some wood blocks and one of the stamps, but I like unmounted stamps, and the missing stamp was one I wouldn't have used any way. I unmounted them yesterday morning, and I love this set!

In the lower lefthand corner is a SU! set I picked up for $5 at a yard sale. One really cool feature of this set is the fact that the lady cut the sentiment off the bottom and mounted it onto the side of the wood block. That way, I don't have to mask off the sentiment when I want to just stamp the image (and vice versa). I love this set!

The last "set" is actually a huge SU! background stamp. It's a French script background, and I got it for $2. I was thrilled with this find!!

I got the "Happy Everything" set for $5 at the same yard sale as the French script background stamp. She had only mounted two of the sentiments, and it was really easy to unmount them. I did that yesterday morning, too, and I love these sentiments!

These other stamps are a hodge podge. The lamb was $0.50 at a yard sale, and the other three were $0.50/3 at a flea market. I'm not sure how I'll use that "unedited" bear (schoolwork maybe?), but the other two will definitely be getting a lot of use! :)

But we didn't just find stamp sets ... Read on to see what else we got!

My sewing machine hasn't been working right for a month, and I feel like I've lost my right arm. I never knew how much I depended on that thing! I have a whole stack of mending to be done, and I have a few projects that I was in the middle of when it went wacky.

I had looked into getting it serviced, but there's only one service man in town. He won't give any quotes on how much something will cost (until it's done), and he would keep my machine for a whole week. Umm, do I look like I was born yesterday? No way am I going to hand over my sewing machine to someone who's going to give me a several-hundred-dollar bill for repairs! So we've been searching for another sewing machine. (If I ever find someone I trust who's good at repairing sewing machines, I'm going to pay them to look at mine. It's a very nice machine, and I'm not going to just scrap it.)

My husband found the one you see above for $15 at the flea market. It came with the presser foot, but it's not in the picture. It's not as fancy as my original machine, but it works, it has a straight stitch, zig zag stitch, and a buttonholer. That's all I require! I couldn't fix my current machine for $15, so I was happy with this one.

It's practically brand-new, too! The lady bought it and only used it for one project. I know you can never believe what people tell you (or so it seems), but you should see the inside of this machine. She wasn't lying - it's almost spotless inside!

My husband found this Rival ice cream maker (5-qt, wooden bucket) at Salvation Army for $5. The list price on these is right around $60. You know what else is incredible? It was still factory sealed - even the box! Who in the world donated a brand-new, still-sealed $60 ice cream maker to Salvation Army?? I have no idea, but thanks so much! We'll get good use out of it. :)

And lastly, I've been wanting a big pot to do hot water bath canning. I got a big pressure canner a few years back, but I'm having a hard time finding a seal for it ... and to be honest, I'm scared to death of the thing! :) So when I found this huge pot that's perfect for hot water bath canning, I knew I had to get it. Not bad for $2, eh?

Lest you think all we ever do is shop, this was not a typical week. :)

And just a final note ... If you're paying full price for baby clothes, you really need to go to yard sales! I can't even begin to tell you the TONS of name-brand baby clothes we saw at the neighborhood yard sales. They were all name brands, spotless ... and pennies on the dollar of what you'd pay in the store. Unfortunately, they weren't my kids' sizes ... :)


Susan said...

Nice finds this week! The little Singer would make a good one for your daughter to learn on when she's ready, too, especially if you can get your old one fixed.

On that demonstrator set of stamps, I'd use the "Great Hostess" one to make tags for hostess gifts to give when we visit someone's home.

I really like the idea to mount the sentiment on the side of the stamp too! I have one acrylic stamp that I cut apart for the sentiment, because it was attached to a fall tree, but the sentiment was "so thankful for you" which I love for year-round, not just fall! ;)

Catrick said...

Wow are you lucky!!! That SU French Script stamp has been discontinued and rare, rare, rare. I have been searching for over a year for one and I finally found two on Ebay that sold for $22.00 and $11.00 (yes, I ended up with both). You are going to have so much fun with that stamp


Sophia said...

Wow! I had no idea about the French script stamp. I just knew I liked it. :)

jemilyea said...

I'm happy you found such great bargains! My dad successfully fixed my mom's sewing machine for years; maybe you should come visiting my way sometime!

Sophia said...

Would you believe I actually fixed it today? It figures - all I have to do is buy another one, and I suddenly figure out what's wrong. Oh well! I'll post about it later - probably Monday. :)

thefrugalcrafter said...

Good for you sophia! I cannot resist a crafty deal either and I'm so glad these stamps will go to a loving home, it won't be long before your kids will be stamping right next to you;) I'm glad To know 2 good sewing machine repairers, one is right on my street and the other is a cute little old man from an hour away where I bought my machine (he even walked me though taking my machine apart the day after I got it becaue I got a tangle in my machine and had never used a machine with a bobbin that did not drop in, he is such a sweet old man, sadly I doubt he will be around when my daughters start to sew. Great find and congrats! I hope they have the dies at your big lots!