Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some great shopping finds!

While I was out shopping for some Cousin Camp items yesterday, I ran across some great finds. First of all, we stopped in at Dollar Tree. I think I've already mentioned my strategy for shopping there: look down every aisle every time. You just never know what you might miss, and it's really worth the extra time.

So here are a few of the great surprises that I found at Dollar Tree:

Two 4x6" shadow boxes. These aren't labeled as coming from Dollar Tree, and they look higher quality than D.T. picture frames. I don't know who makes them, but I've learned to never pass up shadow boxes at the dollar store ... ever. :) I can't wait to have some fun with these!

Also in their picture frame aisle were these inspirational decorative quotes, matted to 11x14":

Wow! When is the last time you saw a quote like that for sale in a brick and mortar store that didn't have "Christian" in its name and grossly inflated prices? (I'm really glad Christian bookstores exist, but I can't justify their prices on almost everything. That's just me, and I'm really glad if you find some good deals at yours!)

They had several different quotes, but I picked out my three favorites:

"With God all things are possible."
"Faith is not believing that God can, it is knowing that God will."
"The will of God will never lead you where the grace of God cannot keep you."

Even after buying a frame on sale at Michaels, these are still great, inexpensive, yet rich-looking gifts!

I got plenty of other things from Dollar Tree, but they were all for Cousin Camp and most of the little details would probably bore you. (I realized that somehow I neglected to report on last year's Cousin Camp, but I'll do my best to report on this year's after the fact.)

The next store I stopped at was Card & Party Outlet, to check out their party favors by the piece. I wasn't interested in any of those, but they had a great clearance event going on, and I got pinata candy bags - 4.5 lbs per bag - for $2.50! I saw the very same candy mix later on at Big Lots for $2.50 for one pound!

I wasn't going to do a pinata this year since it can get quite expensive, but you can't argue with prices like that! Since we're doing Cousin Camp for nine kids, I got 2 bags. I'm planning to make my own fish pinata, and I'll keep you posted on how that works. (We're going with an ocean/luau party theme for the combined birthday party during Cousin Camp.)

Then at Tuesday Morning, I found this Jenni Bowlin Vintage Red Page Kit for $2.99. It has all of this paper (2 sheets of the bracket shape and monograms, 3 sheets of each of the rest) ...

... as well as these label stickers, "Bingo" cards, journaling cards, and chipboard stars (Oops! The journaling cards are spread out on the bracket page above.):

I haven't been able to track these down online, but I did find mini (4x4") paper packs in this same line that only have paper in them going for about $6, so I'm sure this was a great deal. Of course, with 30 sheets alone for $2.99, I knew it was a good deal, especially when I loved every sheet of paper in it. The package said the regular price was $29.99, but you never know about those stickers ... unless it happened to be some scrap club monthly kit or something.

Then my find of the day was at Big Lots ... Cuttlebug dies and embossing folders for $2 each!! I went a little crazy, as you can see, but I actually spent quite a bit of time going through everything, then whittling my pile down to only what I knew I would use:

I don't know about everyone else's Big Lots, but my store appeared to only have about one of everything. I put quite a dent in their inventory! :) These are in next week's sales flyer, but it appears that most Big Lots are putting them out early. So if you want some, check your local store this week before they all sell out.

Here's a list of what I got, since the picture didn't turn out too great:

Snowflake #2 - reg. $4.49
Paisley - reg. $5.99
Disney "You're a Winner" (die & EF set) - reg. $7.99
Disney Wooden Frame (die & EF set) - reg. $7.99
Disney Heart Frame (die & EF set) - reg. $7.99
Disney Baseball Gear (die & EF set) - reg. $7.99
Disney Rose Frame (die & EF set) - reg. $7.99
Charms - reg. $13.99
Disney Out West (die & EF set) - reg. $15.99
Disney Halloween (die & EF set) - reg. $15.99 I got this one for the tree alone! :)
Disney Under the Sea (die & EF set) - reg. $15.99
Disney At the Beach (die & EF set) - reg. $15.99
Houndstooth embossing folder - reg. $4.99
Welcome Baby (die & EF set) - reg. $16.99 I got this one just for the embossing folder!

According to these prices, I spent just $28 on $150.36 in dies and embossing folders (approximately 82% off). Considering the fact that all I have around here is Michaels and Wal-Mart, this is exciting! I never knew most of these dies and folders even existed since both Michaels and Wal-Mart haven't changed their selection in ten years.

And I think that wraps it up for my shopping trip. I hope you can find some good deals in your neck of the woods!