Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ladies' Meeting Favors #1

I made up a few samples to share with the lady who is ordering the table favors for the September ladies' meeting. She mentioned flowers, shoes, purses and dresses. So here is the flower idea ...

A corsage made from about one sheet of copy paper, three toothpicks, and 28" of dollar-store ribbon. I'm working with a small budget on these, and it doesn't get much cheaper than this! :)

These could be wrist corsages (attached to a hair tie) or regular corsages (with pins).

To assemble it, I first made a double bow with my homemade bowmaker. Then I made a big white rose from copy paper. Once I glued it to the ribbon, it still looked like it was missing something. So I made three tiny roses, glued them onto toothpicks (which I covered with floral tape but will be dipping in paint if I mass produce these), and then glued those to the arrangement. I liked it a lot better!

This is a nice-sized corsage, about 4" wide by 5" long.