Friday, June 25, 2010

Ladies' Meeting Favors #2

The next sample I made for the ladies' meeting was this mini purse.

I used Mel's template (medium size), and I really liked how easy it was to put together. It's not very big, which is great because I'm doing these on a small budget. The more I can fit onto a sheet of paper, the better. I should be able to get two of these onto a 12x12" sheet. Considering I've gotten scads of designer 12x12" paper at Tuesday Morning for $1.99/25, it's definitely a budget project.

To make the jeweled brads, I simply used regular office brads and attached mini rhinestones that I picked up at Big Lots last week for $0.50/pack (several hundred in there, I believe).

The one thing I'll change the next time I make it is to use a square Nestability instead of the rectangle. I need more of a flap on the front to help it stayed closed on its own, since Velcro or magnets would add exponentially to the cost of each project.


Shore Girl said...

Cute! Like the rhinestone effect on those brads.