Friday, July 23, 2010

Decorating my Laptop Inexpensively

When I got my laptop earlier this spring, one of the first things I wanted to do was find something to protect the cover. I don't know about any other laptop, but mine has a shiny finish on the cover that is easily scratched. (I put a few tiny scratches on the corners getting it in and out of my carrying bag the first few days.)

I looked up all about making your own online. The general consensus seems to be that all you need is printable window cling film, which you can find at Michaels. BUT I didn't have any of that at the time, so I just used another suggestion - clear Con-Tact paper. I have loads of that. :)

And so I lived with a plain Jane black laptop for about three months. Then I was in Dollar Tree this week looking for some school supplies for a project (that I'll share when I get it finished), and I saw some gorgeous, detailed, BIG window clings. Here's the one I currently have on my laptop:

And any time I want, I can switch it out with any of these from the same sheet:

Aren't they lovely? This is definitely not my mental picture of an average window cling. They all measure around 6" or more.

Have fun customizing your laptop for $1! :)