Friday, July 30, 2010

"Family" pushpins and magnets

I'm sure you've seen the pebble-type magnets before, right? Well, I really like the way they enlarge the design underneath. As I was browsing someone else's designs awhile back, I got to thinking of these really cute stamps that I had that were teeny, tiny heads ... and this idea was born.

Here are refrigerator magnets, completely customizable to your particular family arrangement. Do you have three boys and no girls? No problem. Just make "brother" with three different colors and omit the "sister" magnet.

These can be used to hold memos for each member of the family, or they can be used to hold notes to each member of the family. Really, the possibilities are endless.

After making a set of magnets, I thought it would be cute to have a set of pushpins for a bulletin board since so many people have a family bulletin board where they post schedules and such:

I made these with smaller pebbles, so I had to omit the colored decorative paper around them. But they work just as well. If you need to customize these, you could customize hair color or simply choose different background colors.

Look for these in my Etsy shop soon. I'll try to figure out how to take custom orders on these! :)