Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frilly little girl's apron from a pillowcase

Someone had given me some really cute pillowcases awhile back, but there were no sheets to match them, and they didn't match anything we have. So I put them in my "repurpose" pile ... and eventually got around to making something with them last week.

I made my own pattern for this as I went along. I tried writing down the instructions, I really did. It's just that I'm so used to sewing (been at it for over 15 years) that I got bogged down in wondering if I had forgotten to include a little detail that I take for granted. So I abandoned the idea of posting a tutorial for you, but it's pretty easy for someone that's familiar with sewing.

I made the main pieces using a rectangle shape for the bib part and an oval shape with the top cut off for the "skirt" part. The rest is just strips, which are super-simple to cut with a rotary cutter.

This turned out exactly as I had hoped it would! My daughter is a petite little thing, and most kids' items are way too big for her. This is perfectly sized for her tall, slim size 5T frame. See that big smile? She thought it was really, really cute with the bears and hearts and ruffles -- and the fact that it looks just like a "big girl" apron.

As you can see, it ties at the neck and waist. It's the easiest way to make an adjustable neck and waist and still be able to pull it over a child's head.

In case you're interested, I don't know how big the pillowcase was, but I'm pretty sure it's bigger than standard (the only kind we use around here). I was able to get two aprons out of one pillowcase, so I'm planning to sew a second one soon.

While my daughter really likes this one, she already has quite a few aprons -- AND I have a special apron in mind just for her once I get a Hello Kitty Sizzix die in the mail! :) So I'll be posting this apron to my Etsy shop within the next week. Stay tuned if you're interested.


Shore Girl said...

What adorable little aprons you've made! I love how little they are! Mini anything makes it extra cute! You did a great job on them --- someday when I'm feeling very patient (only happens once in a while - smile) - I may try my hand at some for gifts!