Friday, July 2, 2010

If you have a Food Lion near you, read this!

There weren't a ton of fabulous grocery deals this week, so I only went to Food Lion. But the deals there are pretty good, so check this out if you have a Food Lion store near you:

  • Four 12-packs Sierra Mist (my Mom's favorite) - on sale 4/$8 with peelie coupons to save $1/2 (Final Price: 4/$6)
  • 2 cartons Breyer's ice cream - 2/$4 on sale
  • 3 pouches Food Lion shredded mozzarella - 3/$5 on sale
  • 5 cartons Cool Whip - on sale for $1 each, but FREE when you buy 5 of them

Okay, did the Cool Whip thing puzzle you? It's really quite easy. They're on sale for $1 each. They're also part of a promotion that you get $5 off your order when you buy five of the items ... So you put five cartons in your cart, take them to the register with the rest of your order, and you get them for free - no coupons necessary! Pretty cool, huh? :)

The Kraft shredded cheese is a slightly better deal than the Food Lion cheese ($0.15 cheaper per pack), but you get $5 savings as a catalina instead of instant savings. Since I don't shop at Food Lion except for the weeks when the sales are great, I opted for the instant savings instead of a catalina. I didn't want to end up having to spend $5 on an "off" week just to use my "savings."

BUT if you're interested, the Kraft cheeses are part of another $5 off WYB 5 promotion. They're on sale 2/$5, then you get an additional $5 off if you buy 5 items from the list. Assuming you bought all of them as cheese, you would pay $12.50 for 5, then get a $5 catalina coupon back. That would make your total $7.50 for 5 packs of cheese - $1.50 each.

I hope that helps someone!