Monday, July 12, 2010

Peach Magnolia Paper Lover's Gift Set

As promised, I have a gift set to share with you today. It's also in my Etsy shop, so go check it out (once you're done looking at all the details). :)

I saw these gorgeous magnolia file folders in Dollar Tree the other day, and I just knew they would make some gorgeous paper gifts. So I made up an entire set.

First of all, there is the journal:

This is a composition book base, but it's elevated far beyond the grade school copying you may remember. The front has this gorgeous image (above), while the back has a really neat coordinating stripe (below):

The edges are bound with a green paper and there is an attached peach grosgrain ribbon inside to keep your place.

Speaking of the inside, here is how I covered up those ugly multiplication charts:

I accidentally cut my lining papers a little too short, but it ended up being a happy accident. I had to "think outside the box," and ended up using scraps of the stripe to fill in the gaps. I really like how it turned out! The front and back inside covers are decorated exactly alike.

Next up is the spiral-bound notebook (one subject, college-ruled, in case you're interested):

This has the same decorative cover ...

AND decorative back. The original spiral-bound notebook had a pretty flimsy back, so I went ahead and replaced it with this pretty one.

The inside covers are pretty, too, since the file folders have this gorgeous peachy-pink color inside:

Lastly are the two mini legal pads covered with more of this gorgeous magnolia print:

These are 5x8" and look like this when you flip up the cover:

I have always loved paper, so I tried to think of what would thrill me as a pretty (yet practical) gift. Let me tell you, this would have me nearly squealing in delight.

Best of all, as I mentioned, these are all very practical gifts. They're perfect for the person who "has everything" and doesn't want any more knick knacks to take up space in their house.

I hope you enjoy this little gift set! I hope to have another gift set ready very soon.


Shore Girl said...

Very pretty as always!