Thursday, August 5, 2010

101 Dresses ... not quite!

Did anyone else ever read the book 101 Dresses when you were a kid? My grandmother gave it to me for Christmas one year, and I can still remember the pictures and storyline vividly all these years later.

The premise is this: a poor little girl brags at school that she has 101 dresses hanging in her closet. Most of the kids don't believe her and make fun since she wears the same dress (or two) to school all the time. One little girl befriends her, and then suddenly the poor girl's family has to move away. She gives her friend one of the 101 dresses that were in her closet - dresses she had drawn on paper herself, all of them very pretty.

Well, I'm not making 101 dresses. I'm actually making 50 dress favors for another church's ladies group this fall. There are 10 different color groups, and I'm making 5 of each color. I started with the red group.

This was my first one. I used vellum for the overlay and added details with a red Zig Writer. The sleeves were edged with a MS Eyelet Lace corner punch, but it didn't turn out exactly as I had envisioned.

Here's the back - just plain paper (although it is decorative paper).

I changed a few things on the second one, and I liked it better. I eliminated the punched sleeve edging, and I added pen details around the edges of the overlay. Much better!

Then I really experimented with the third design. (It was my favorite, and I made three just like this.)

First of all, I ran the vellum overlay through my Cuttlebug with the Swiss Dots embossing folder (after I added the pen detailing). Then, instead of the punched circles for the tops of the sleeves, I made a mini rose out of the same paper and attached those as puffy sleeve tops.

I'm going to be making more in this style!

As far as the dress boxes, there is a template available online to buy. But why do that? Dollar Tree carries them in packs of 10 in their wedding section:

They look exactly like the template that's being sold. This is so much cheaper (in materials and time) than making them from scratch!

Notice that these are sleeveless. I simply added my sleeves to the front panel, making them double-sided. That way, you can see them from both the front and the back. Easy!

I'll be sharing more of these dress boxes as I get them made over the next month.


Shore Girl said...

So that's what you bought all those boxes for!! Cute! Happy dressmaking!

Rhonda said...

those look like a lot of fun to make. I even read that book when I was a child - and I think I am a lot older than you.

BeckyK said...

Read the book as an adult a couple years ago (my girls were reading it for required school reading). Loved it! The dresses you are making are wonderful. Enjoy!