Monday, August 2, 2010

A Homemade Projector?

Sorry, no project pictures for today. I'm working on some homeschooling ideas, since it looks like we're going to have a bigger room to homeschool in this year. That's a definite "plus" since we're adding my daughter this year!

While I was coming up with ideas, I remembered how easy it was to make nice, big bulletin board visuals when I had the use of a regular old classroom projector. I would just trace a shape onto a projector, project it onto the wall, and make it as big as I wanted it. (Of course, I had to draw the shape onto paper and cut it out, but I figured that was a "given.")

I don't have access to a classroom projector now, though. And I've checked most of my local sources for thrifted ones to no avail. They're going for $50+ on Ebay, and I don't want to spend even that much. So I did an online search for "DIY slide projector." It's the same basic concept that I would need to be able to enlarge patterns.

I came up with this link that looks interesting. I'll think on it for a few more days, but I'd really like to give it a try and see if it's feasible. It certainly looks cheap enough! :)

Any thoughts? I'm open to any inexpensive ideas, including any place you can think of that might even loan out regular projectors.


angie said...

I have an EIRC (Educational Information Resource Center) close by in NJ. I don't know if they can be found in every state. They are either state or federally funded. They have access to tons of games, learning activities, educational libraries, laminators, ellison die cuts, etc

Lindsay Weirich said...

Hi sophia,
I tried to make a fabbic covered brad with the itop refills and not use the tool and it did not work, nor with paper but it worked great with the tool, in fact, I think I'll be using fabric from now on, I even made a suede covered one! The Itop took crimps the metal top over the back prong piece and that is why it did not work without is I think;)

I just wanted to let you know if it worked for sure before you went out and bought anything, you defanitly need the tool.

DeeAnn said...

Can you go to a school or library auction? A lot of times they auction off their projectors. I know some schools keep projectors in their store room. You can borrow or even buy them the proceeds go to the school. The library might rent you out one. I remember my library used to do that. You can ask on Freecycle. If you have a safe Craig's List you can ask there.

I live in a different state and our churches might be set up differently. You could buy one for the church and get a huge discount. You could loan out to other homeschool parents and use the projector for church activities, especially Sunday school. I live n the town with the AOG headquarter's. They are very good at sharing resources like this.

Does that help any? I wish your DD the best school year ever. She must be so excited.

My DS graduated last year. I am still at loss not planning a homeschool schedule.

Sophia said...

Angie - Thanks for the EIRC idea! I'm going to check it out.

Lindsay - Thanks for trying out the brads. :)

DeeAnn - Unfortunately, I missed a school auction recently. (The only one I know of in my area.) I never thought to post on Freecycle, and I'm going to look into AOG.

Thanks for your help!!