Monday, August 16, 2010

More $1 Homeschool Supplies

On Saturday, I had the day off from entertaining our VBS company, so I went out for a little bit by myself. I wanted to stop in at Target since I read online somewhere that there were some pretty neat school things in the $1 section. Here's what I got:

  • a pocket chart for sentence strips
  • foam blocks for counters (math manipulatives)
  • 2 dry erase class schedules (1 for each child) - I really like the clocks on these because they help to teach time while they help to schedule our days.
  • 3 sets of flashcards: Animals, US Animals, Insects - I plan to use these for bulletin board displays.
  • Time and Math Bingo - I really like this concept, and I think my kids will, too. This will be a nice incentive activity.

Since Michaels was on my way across to the next place, I stopped in there. They were clearancing a ton of things, but I only bought these:

  • 2 paper mache house boxes - $0.79 each (for an art project)
  • 3 ocean inflatables - $0.20 each (for a future ocean theme)

Then I stopped in at Dollar Tree because I needed some lemon juice and crackers, and I happened upon these other things for schooling, too:

  • 1 pack of black 4" bulletin board letters - I had a set previously, but it must have grown legs and walked off.
  • a bug kit - for when my son studies insects up-close ... with his father!
  • straws - to illustrate groups of 10s
  • plastic tablecovers - for bulletin board backgrounds (not all $1 Trees have such a great selection, so you may want to shop around)

I also saw a few new bulletin board elements and banners that I knew I could use:

  • "Now Starring" - for a "good work" section (maybe a bulletin board, maybe just on display on the wall)
  • "Learning is a Treat" - I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this one yet, but I knew it had lots of potential.
  • "Our Country at Work" - I liked how it showed pictures of the different buildings. I'll be using this with our patriotic theme, and I'm sure I'll be getting lots of mileage out of it in future years.

I had a lot of fun and felt like it was a profitable trip.

Just one more quick note: I haven't seen bulletin-board-style calendars in Dollar Tree for awhile, but there were some very nice (new) ones on Saturday. The actual calendar grids come 2/pack and you buy the numbers and other visuals in another pack. They're really cute, so if you need one, check them out!