Monday, August 23, 2010

Stretching Dollar Tree bulletin board borders

You know I love Dollar Tree, right? Well, I discovered a bunch more versatile bulletin board borders the last time I was in. They were stuffed in a bin at floor level with a bunch of charts that have been there for ages. The funny thing is that I don't remember seeing any of these before, so I wonder if they've been hiding there for months and I just didn't know it!

So what can you do with these? You can cut them into game pieces for file folder games or make-your-own instructional card games. I cut apart a different set and came up with 14 of each image as seen below:

I already made up a mini file folder game with one of these cut-outs (rhyming/non-rhyming words), and I anticipate many more fun learning games with these!

Since there are 14 borders per pack, you should get 14 of each section. Some of the borders I got have as many as eight sections on a strip, while some have as few as five. That means you're getting anywhere from 70-112 cut-outs per pack. Not bad, considering the shaped cut-outs at Dollar Tree come 25-30/pack (which is not a bad price, either, considering that teacher stores sell shaped cut-outs for about $4/pack).

I'll try to remember to share our projects as I finish them. I'd love to see any educational games that you make with these, too!