Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Update: Stretching Dollar Tree bulletin board borders

We are beginning our homeschool year today. (We homeschool Tuesday - Saturday since it works better for our family.) It's my daughter's first day of kindergarten and my son's first day of second grade, so we're in the "fun" years. I never thought I'd enjoy teaching these grades, but I think I like them now better than the grades I trained to teach (high school English).

In honor of our first day of school, I thought I'd update a little on those Dollar Tree bulletin board borders I picked up a week or so ago. Remember them?

Well, even I was surprised at how nicely they turned out when they were cut up!

These animal pairs are adorable:

These were originally intended as an "Armor of God" visual, but they can easily be substituted for regular knight's gear (which my son loves), too:

My son also enjoys all things related to cowboys, so these are perfect for him:

These are so bright and cheerful:

And since we live near the ocean, I couldn't resist these:

I'm saving some of these for making review games about subjects my children find difficult this year. As I use them, I'll try to remember to post pictures!


Shore Girl said...

What nice bright colors --- way to stretch your $$!