Monday, September 13, 2010

A mini file folder rhyming game

Remember those Dollar Tree bulletin board borders I got a few weeks ago to cut up for file folder games? Well, I finally have some pictures to show you of the first mini folder I made with them.

This is a mini file folder from Dollar Tree, sized to hold 4x6" recipe cards. I used one of the cut-outs on the front to label the game.

Inside are two pockets (also from Dollar Tree) labeled "Rhyme" and "Don't Rhyme." I put two words each on 12 cutouts. If the words on the cutout rhyme with each other, the child puts it into the "Rhyme" pocket. If the words on the cutout don't rhyme with each other, he puts it into the "Don't Rhyme" pocket.

It's easy to check your child's work on this. Just tell them to leave the cards in the pockets, and then you can go back through later and see how they did.

To store the cutouts, you just shuffle them well and then place them into one of the pockets.

I'd love to see any homemade file folder games you come up with!


Shore Girl said...

Very cute idea --- great use for those dollar tree borders! I'm sure your kiddos will enjoy using them!