Saturday, September 25, 2010

My best shopping deals of the week

I didn't do much shopping this week, but my husband found a few things for me at some thrift stores we don't always get to. (He was out visiting and always likes to stop in on the way home!)

He got me these brand-new, never-been-scrapped 5x7" Creative Memories albums for $0.25 each. I realize they discontinued this size, but I can pull out those pages (since I can't get protectors anymore) and just add top-loading pages. For a 5x7" coverset, that's a steal!

This PSX K-3524 stamp was regularly $2, but it was half price that day ($1!). It's 3-1/2 x 4-1/2", and I love it! PSX stamps are very high quality, and this was taken care of very well. I'm thinking about making some Christmas cards with it.

I had to run out for a few groceries last night, so I stopped by Michaels while I was out. I had seen their new $1 bin items, and I liked the looks of the "Icon" set. I noticed they had a hangtag for keys and wooden stamps, so I kept checking back to see if they had gotten their shipment in yet. They were in last night!

The wooden stamps, keys and playing cards were all from the new $1 bins. I got the playing cards for the decorative side. You can't beat 50+ of those for $1!

Then I checked their clearance aisle, as I always do. I noticed they had gotten in tons of new merchandise, and that usually means some great clearance prices. I wasn't disappointed! The wax burner and candles were all on clearance for $1 each. The wax burner was regular $5.99 and the 6" candles were regular $7.99 each. I needed some tall pillar candles for a few projects, so I got all that they had! :)

These keys have so much potential, don't you think?

I'm thinking of using the larger one for a house decoration. I'm mulling over the possibilities, and I'll be sure to post when I finally use it. The smaller one is for altering purposes. I thought it would be neat as a bookmarker in an altered composition book (with the key hanging out the bottom of the book), or even as a dangling spine decoration. We'll see!

Those are my favorite finds of the week. I hope you had good shopping success this week, too!


Shore Girl said...

I see you got the birdcage stamp I wanted! They only had about six stamps (in that style) left at the Michaels I went too and that was not one of them!
Looks like you got some nice deals -- happy for ya!

jemilyea said...

These are lovely bargains. I'm looking forward to seeing the cards you make with these new stamps. BTW, I bought you the wooden stamp with the floral design. The Heidi Grace birthday ones were all gone.

Ginny said...

Oh, to live near a good thrift store. How wonderful that your husband found those goodies for you! And I like those keys, especially the black one. Maybe I'll have to find time to stop at Michael's when I go out on Wednesday.